We are IntegraShare Dimensions Incorporated.  Please come here often, as our website is dynamic and will change as we progress every day – coming from bare earth, to foundation, to the completion of a fully functional operation, we want to work with you and our favorite technology platform – Esri GIS!

We are all about geospatial – GIS, geospatial technology, geospatial data, and helping people build the strategy that enables all of these to be used to do good works, good business, and manage the planet in a better way — and beyond… with intelligence.

Please view our maps in from our ArcGIS Online Website by linking to them from our dynamic set below.

For our weather-related maps: 

  • Please note that during storms, fires, or active climate or environmentally driven events, these maps may have some temporary issues with connecting to the National Weather Service, FEMA web mapping services, and other government sites providing hosted data feeds to our maps, due to capacity limits or maintenance.

  • For weather in the United States and its Territories, please try the direct weather mapping site https://nowcoast.noaa.gov/, which may be using internal services –  this map is great for weather-only related layers.

Check back to see new maps and changing content from our ArcGIS Online website here: